Smart watch vs Regular watch

The watch was a few years ago something more than a complement that came to add to the set, it was a functional piece that showed the time and date, depending on the model. However, a few years ago he came up with a tough competitor: the smartphone. Today most people are able to leave home without a watch, but not without their smartphone. And this, in addition to many other features, also shows the time and date.

Despite technological innovations, wearing a watch will never go out of style. It’s a matter of comfort, of being able to check the time more easily on your wrist than by taking the phone out of your pocket. But it is, above all, an aesthetic element: the watch brings style and distinction, especially in the case of men, because women can choose (and usually do) other accessories.

Men are often advised to use it, but rather than wearing it, they are urged to wear it well. Choosing well is a matter of personal taste, but the same elegance is not denoted with any watch or any outfit. In fact, the clothes you wear, the watch and the occasion in which you wear them are closely related concepts, which you have to pay attention to if you want to be successful.

And what about the smart watch? To begin with, you have to think carefully about the utility that you are going to give it and choose more based on the needs it covers than on the design.

Classic watches that never go out of style

There are basics that are worth investing in, like a virtual tour of sites such as online watchmaking shows. Choosing to buy a watch online is also opening the door to more offers and discounts, to being able to compare prices to obtain the best quality at the best price.

Investing in basics is a good idea because their lines never go out of style, because they adapt to any outfit and, in addition, they add up. As there are basics in garments, they also exist in accessories, especially watches, but if you are going to opt for something that will last a lifetime, it will be better to ignore trinkets. For the use that is given and for what they can contribute, investing in a good watch is worth it.

Smart watch vs Regular watch

The classic watches present simple and neutral lines, with colors that flee from the fanfare. They go through a stainless steel case and straps either in brown or black leather or in steel so that it also adapts to more informal occasions.

The purchase of a luxury watch could also be considered an investment which, if it follows classic neutral lines, can also be worn on many occasions throughout a lifetime, because its quality makes it durable. In addition, it will be a piece that can later be passed from generation to generation.

Although it continues to innovate, smart watches have not gone beyond offering smartphone functionalities, and there are those who continue to expect more from them, exclusive utilities. It is an element especially indicated for monitoring, which makes it useful for the athlete who wants to exhaustively control their activity: they usually incorporate a step meter (or pedometer), caloric count, distance, sleep meter …

Not all have the same characteristics, so you have to choose well. There are those that do not have a heart rate monitor or do not have a built-in GPS, which will inevitably link their use to that of a smartphone, making the latter necessary even to go running. The monitoring is joined by its ability to send notifications from applications such as WhatsApp, which will depend on good synchronization. Some even allow you to answer calls or have a built-in camera.

Contrary to what happens with classic watches, which never go out of style, smartwatches do become obsolete. As new models come onto the market, the smartwatch will need updates, until the planned obsolescence renders it inoperative. It will be then when it will be possible to continue looking like a normal wristwatch, but never with the result of a classic watch like those described above.

In short, for elegance and style, it is better to opt for a watch of a lifetime. If what you want is to measure sports activity and access some of the features of the smartphone on the wrist, it is better to opt for a smart watch.

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